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NA 042 DIN Standards Committee Timber and Furniture

The DIN Standards Committee Timber and Furniture (NHM) is responsible for the standardization works in the areas of forestry, wood industry and furniture industry as well as related fields on a national, European and international level. The scope of the committee includes the development of product, application, test and safety standards in the fields of round wood, sawn wood, wood-based panels, wood protection, wood adhesives, wooden floorings, laminate floorings, ladders and furniture for domestic, children, educational, non-domestic and office environments.

Current Draft Standards / Shortened Procedures

DIN EN 204, Publication date : 2015-04
Draft standard , Classification of thermoplastic wood adhesives for non-structural applications; German version prEN 204:2015 more
DIN EN 205, Publication date : 2015-04
Draft standard , Adhesives - Wood adhesives for non-structural applications - Determination of tensile shear strength of lap joints; German version prEN 205:2015 more
DIN EN 302-8, Publication date : 2015-06
Draft standard , Adhesives for load-bearing timber structures - Test methods - Part 8: Static load test of multiple bond line specimens in compression shear; German and English version prEN 302-8:2015 more
All new projects draft standards / shortened procedures in April 2015

New DIN SPEC in April 2015

DIN CEN/TR 12872; DIN SPEC 68005:2015-04, Publication date : 2015-04
Technical rule , Wood-based panels - Guidance on the use of load-bearing boards in floors, walls and roofs; German version CEN/TR 12872:2014 more


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